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WTC Health Program

Patient Process

Patient Process

The comprehensive medical examination will take approximately 3 hours. For appointments in Brooklyn, the entire exam will be done on site. For appointments at Fort Totten and Middletown, only x-rays will be done off site (if needed).  For exams at other locations (Staten Island and Commack), both chest x-rays and blood tests will be done OFF SITE.  Referrals to nearby facilities for blood tests and chest x-rays will be given to you by a WTC nurse on the day of your appointment.

Your medical includes the following:

  • A pulmonary function test
  • Chest imaging
  • Screening for high cholesterol, prostate health, and liver, kidney and blood diseases
  • A physician evaluation
  • A nursing consultation

If your medical examination indicates that additional testing or treatment is required, you can be referred, at no cost, for the following:

  • Evaluation/treatment as needed, such as chest and/or sinus CT scans or GI evaluations
  • Follow-up psychological and social work services
  • Chronic WTC-related pain treatment
  • Wellness programs, including a tobacco cessation treatment program

If you require medications for your WTC-related illness(es), the WTC Free Prescription plan covers eligible members’ medications with NO CO-PAY for respiratory, chronic sinus, GERD and mental health WTC related conditions.  All other conditions are NOT covered by this plan.  Please call 718-999-1858 for more information.

The WTC Medical Monitoring program is specially designed and exclusive to FDNY members with the full support of your unions – the UFA, UFOA, UEP, UEMSO and SOA (EMS Locals 2507 and 3621).  With that in mind, you can be assured that:

  • Your individual medical results are delivered only to you
  • Your individual data is secure at FDNY BHS and will not be shared with anyone, including the NY/NJ WTC Consortium or the federal government, without your permission
  • Group data to be shared with Fire and EMS unions (partners in our program) will be presented without names or identifiers

Your presence in these efforts helped our city and our families in their time of need. Your participation in the FDNY WTC Medical Monitoring and Treatment Program will help you to get appropriate evaluation and treatment, as well as provide a resource of information about health trends in the FDNY First Responder population.  Correctly evaluating and identifying these overall health trends is important for the entire FDNY community, as these discoveries will help enable us to provide more extensive treatment to all eligible members of the FDNY. 

Please remember that there is no penalty if you do not choose to take part in the WTC Program.  However, your participation would be greatly appreciated and valuable to the entire FDNY community.  If you do take part, we will respect the confidentiality of your individual records.   

Please call us at 718-999-1858 at your earliest opportunity to confirm or reschedule your reserved appointment slot.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.